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Image by Kamil Szumotalski

Our history:
Father's house, grandfather's home,
great-grandfather's olive grove

  Olive growers since 1898  

Our story begins with Ángel Ramiro, great-grandfather of the current owner of the property, who has passed on his passion.

This enthusiasm has been added to a business vision shared and developed generation after generation. As a result of the passion for nature inherited in our family, in 1898 we started organic cultivation, which was documented in 1989 and gave rise to our Organic EVOO with a superior quality, much healthier and with the best aroma, flavour and consistency.

Our organic EVOO is obtained by cold pressing to guarantee the stability and freshness of the product.

Our groves, located in the Siberia Extremeña, are our most precious treasure, which is why we pamper them and we are very committed to the environment, carrying out a 100% ecological exploitation.

We are also part of the Natura 2000 Network, an ecological network whose objective is to ensure the conservation of biodiversity, benefiting from an excellent environmental quality that makes it possible to produce unique products that respect nature, such as our Organic EVOO. 

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